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Affordable PPE: Best Hand Sanitizer Gel and Alcohol-Based Antibacterial Wipes

Affordable PPE: The Next Level Personal Hygiene

Formally, people were used to doing things the old-fashioned way; grabbing your burger and taking a bite as soon as your order is delivered and touching different surfaces without worrying about getting any infections. Ever since the pandemic struck, people everywhere are worried about killing germs as soon as they contact a possibly contaminated surface for fear of infection. It has been a race of washing hands and wearing masks whenever you get out of the house, but how can things be better in your quest of maintaining your hygiene while you are out there?

Who We Are

Affordable PPE is among the leading companies in the market that will help you in multiple ways to save you the anxiety of getting infected. We have different cleaning products that offer various services to our customers, and they collectively help you clear the daily contamination that you might face in your errands. Here is the list of all our products and how you can efficiently make fair use of them.

Alcohol Cleaning Wipes

Wet wipes are famous for how they come through during the process of changing diapers. However, do you know how the alcohol-based antibacterial wipes can be of help to eradicating contaminants? Our hand sanitizing wipes are made of tender cloth, and they are packed well enough to keep them moist for long. These 75% ethyl alcohol wipes are ideal for any surfaces (offices, classrooms, cars, etc.) and your hands if you prefer using them rather than frequently washing your hands. They are compact, contain the right amount of disinfectants, and these antibacterial wipes are easy to use. They are applicable once, and they can about clean any surface that you'd wish to, and their price is very affordable. So if you want to work on dust, dirt, grease, or any other contaminants, resolve our disinfectant wipes.

Gel Hand Sanitizer

Another critical item from our cleaning products is the hand sanitizer. Unlike how alcohol-based antibacterial wipes replace the cloth soaked in water, hand sanitizers replace the water in cases where you cannot access a source. Affordable PPE produces the best hand sanitizer gel that is ideal for use in many scenarios. Its 99% effectiveness in killing germs gives it the recognition of one of the best means of fighting bacteria. Tooli hand sanitizer gel will give your hands a short bath and keep you safe at these times of the ongoing pandemic. The gel contains 75% alcohol, which is a pass according to CDC standards of such products' requirements. Other additional properties of our best hand sanitizer gel include;

  • It dries quickly
  • Doesn't stick on your hands
  • It's light and has a fresh scent.
  • It's lemon-flavored.
  • Leave a soothing feel on your hands.
  • It doesn't leave a cracking or dried up feeling after us.
  • It provides a moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Cleaning Disinfectants

Commonly used as a general disinfectant, these cleaning products ensure that all the surfaces are safe and clean. With some alcohol and other disinfectants included in the package, you can choose to add some amount in your washing water to clean up surfaces. There is some bit of aloe vera that helps prevent your hands from cracks, dryness, or any form of effect because of the small amount of isopropyl alcohol included, making its usage convenient.


Masks are for the general use of preventing any form of germs from entering your nostrils and mouth. Affordable PPE provides masks that are comfortable to wear, and they also enable you to breathe comfortably without straining.